Frequently Asked Questions


What kinds of loans do you do?

We do all kinds! We are a licensed lender in the State of Georgia for loans ranging from $300 to $10,000.00, with a payment to fit any budget. We do not do business loans, or loans secured by real estate or mobile homes. Also, we do not do signature loans. Other than that, the sky is the limit!

Does my credit have to be perfect to apply?

Not at all. We realize that life throws you curves, and at times, you may have had difficulties with your credit. We do not make our credit decision based solely on Beacon or credit scores. Our policies allow us to look at the person behind the credit, to see if there is a way to do you a loan!

How much is the interest rates on your loans?

Since we are governed by strict laws in the State of Georgia, and Federal usury rate laws, we are very careful to follow these guidelines. Loans up to $3000.00 fall under the State of Georgia Industrial Loan Act, which provide limitations on rates and fees, while loans over $3,001.00 are governed by Federal lending regulations.
The rate on your loan would really be determined by:
A.  How much you wish to borrow
B. The length of time you wish to borrow the money

We would be glad to give you a quote!

Are there any prepayment penalties on your loans?

Heck no! While some companies do charge prepayment penalties ( a penalty that is charged to payoff a loan early), we do not charge those fees. When you wish to payoff a loan is your decision, and you should not be penalized to do that!
Will I be required to put up collateral?
Yes, you will. Depending on the size of the loan though, determines the collateral required. Generally, loans under $1,000 require personal property to be used as collateral. Personal property would be items such as electronic devices, certain household items, outdoor equipment, and the like. We are not a pawn shop, so we do not physically hold the collateral. You maintain the use of the collateral. Loans over $1,000 are generally secured by automobiles which have the loan value to support the loan request. If I am approved for a loan,

What do I need to bring to the office?

You will need to provide proof of identity, such as a state issued driver’s license or identification card, as well as proof of income. (pay stub, bank statement, etc.)

Can I apply for a loan if I live outside of Pickens, Gilmer or Fannin county?

Our lending area is restricted to these 3 communities at this time.

Is it possible to do a loan outside of your posted office hours?

Absolutely! We will schedule our time to fit your needs. Nights, Saturdays, whatever it takes to earn your business. Once we approve your loan, just tell us when it is convenient for you, and we will meet you here!

If I refer a friend, what's in it for me?


We gladly will pay $25.00 for each referral that results in a loan! And there is no limit!